The CBC Manifesto

You are here because you are tired and hungry.

You are tired of being sold the lie that consensus is truth. Tired of hearing thought motivated by profit. Tired of standing against the the hot winds of echo-chambers and armchair philosophers who insist their word is gospel.

You are hungry for a revolution motivated not by zeitgeist or corporate accessibility, but by reason and the understanding that words have power. Hungry for a generation so sick of being force-fed emptiness that they rise together and challenge that which they’re told to take. Hungry for the option to keep what’s real and burn the rest.

The CBC is there with you. We are a consortium of thinkers, writers, artists, bloggers, and producers who are tired of being told what to think and how to think it. We live to embody the Socratic truism that “the unexamined life is not worth living.”

We hold three principles dear:

  1. No unexamined truth is worth believing.
  2. No unexamined belief is worth holding.
  3. No unexamined hero is worth praising.

At the CBC, we each apply this philosophy to four different areas: Film and Visual Media, Society and Culture, Politics, and Church and Religion.

Film and Visual Media because stories transmit truth, and the vehicles transmitting truth to us deserve scrutiny.

Society and Culture because they color the lens through which we view our world.

Politics because the right of the governed in a free society is to hold a microscope to the policies governing them.

Church and Religion because faith is to be anything but blind.

We fix a cautious eye on anything screaming for attention; we fix the other on that which it’s concealing. We look for merit where there seems to be none. We find comfort in routine: See, Inspect, Digest.

You are here because you are like us. Together, we are a collective, and we are awake.