The Right to Bear Information

Hamilton Barber
Sep 26, 2018 · 12 min read
Photo by Ales Nesetril on Unsplash

A Brief History of the Second Amendment

On December 26, 1787 — about six months before the Constitution was ratified — Alexander Hamilton published Federalist Papers Number 28 under the pseudonym Publius. He’d been essaying for a while under this name, addressing a number of issues that arise with the formation of a new republic separate from Britain, and arrived at a conclusion that he deemed crucial: there may come a time when the people will rebel and the Federal Government may have to step in and squash it.

Defense In Kind

The common legal understanding of this amendment’s language is fairly straightforward.

  1. Militias remain proficient at their skills by practice and drilling.
  2. In order to practice and drill, they must have unrestricted access to firearms.

Birthed from War

On September 11, 2001, I was with my father in the waiting room of a hospital, getting a new cast for a finger I’d broken at the end of August. I remember somebody wheeling a television into the waiting room, someone saying, “Jesus Christ,” and my dad saying, “Jesus didn’t do this.” While the first tower was still smoking, before it collapsed, the news reporters told us who did — “Osama bin Laden.”


On June 5, 2013, after having had more than enough, Edward Snowden — former CIA employee and government contractor — announced through British newspaper The Guardian that he was going to leak NSA documents that detailed the enormity of the US Government’s trespasses against its own people. Over the next few hours and days, sections of his disclosures would be made public, according to their categories.

The Third Act Revealed

Let the courts handle Snowden. It is unquestioned that what he did is illegal and that it violated the trust that he had been hired to uphold. Whether his guilt outweighs the actions he says were motivated by love for his country and the liberty it promises is, I believe, a secondary issue; what we must deal with is what Snowden represents: a living, breathing example of the power struggle between a Government and its people.

Living in the Prestige

The weapons of war have changed, which is made evident by the thing the powerful are so quick to protect. Whoever holds the guns makes the rules. Just as the British governor of the Colonies once stripped those capable of resisting him of their means of resistance, so we find ourselves in a similar situation today. We are either given just enough to suckle on and satiate our growling stomachs or we are funneled more than individual people are capable of digesting.

The Coffee Break Collective

No unexamined truth is worth believing.

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