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A perfect beginning to a day

I woke early today — before the break of dawn. Somehow, the rhythm of my sleep, which usually keeps me asleep well after the sun is high above in the sky, broke and left me deformed like the strings of a broken guitar. Utterly formless and shapeless. After turning from side to side a couple of times and a failed attempt to sleep again, I slipped out of the bed and went into the balcony.

The dawn was still in the state of becoming. Darkness being adulterated with the first promise of light. A faint glow was appearing from behind the mountains, blending with the black of the night. Diluting it. Ever so slowly. It appeared as if a heady cocktail of light and darkness is being concocted by the nature. It was intoxicating.

I decided to stand and look at the interplay of colors. As seconds passed, the sky transformed from a dreamy black to shades of gray, until it started changing to red. A disc of fiery red formed at the edge of the sky, from where the red flowed like spilled wine. In those moments, it appeared, as if the sky was a canvas — painted by a master artist — Nature itself.

Slowly a pale sun started manifesting itself from behind the mountains. Its oblique rays polishing the sky like a shimmering glass — layers of red and orange and blue. Polished to perfection. Not a single crease, not one wrinkle in that cloudless sky. It felt that I will taint it just by staring at it. I looked away.

Just then from the corner of my eye, I saw something moving. A slightest of movement — stark and vivid against the still sky. My head inevitably turned in that direction. There was a silhouette of a bird. Then of one more. Then of a few more. Until an entire flock of birds appeared. The tiny shadows moving against a vast canvas. It was a scene out of a poet’s imagination.

The flock was crossing the sky from the left. In the glow of the sun which was sneaking from behind the mountain, the birds appeared darker, shadowy. Opaque two-dimensional images moving across the vast sky.

Then all of a sudden, these birds, which were flying straight glided down, made a long slow swoop before gliding up again. There must be tens of them, in that flock. Each bird with its own heart and mind. For a moment, it appeared as if the formation would break. And each one would fly away in its own direction. But they didn’t. For the entire duration, they remained together as if stitched by an invisible thread. Ripples on a wave. Never leaving the surface.

‘How do they communicate?’ a question popped into my head.

I remember reading about a quantum phenomenon called Entanglement. It occurs when a pair of particles even when separated by light years, can instantly communicate with each other. Spooky action at a distance — it is called.

We are made of these particles. In fact, everything in this universe is. It means that in all of us exists an ability to connect and communicate with every other entity of his universe. Living or non-living. But still, there are times we can’t even communicate with the ones living under the same roof. Spooky, isn’t it?

Long lost in my thoughts I didn’t realize that birds had disappeared. The grayish darkness had disappeared. The redness in the sky had disappeared. And the jittery feeling that had enveloped me since the morning — it had disappeared too. The transformation of the sky was now complete. It had turned into a soft blue. My favorite color. A day can’t start any better.

I slipped my hands into the pocket and walked into the house, with almost a certain belief in my heart, that it is going to be a perfect day today.

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