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A Wishlist for Our Daughter

To the mother of my child

original photo by Ray Hennessy

A quick list of traits, to name just a few,
that I hope our daughter gets from you:

  • your eyes
    —how bright they are, just like the mind that controls them
    —how they shine looking at mine, ever wanting to hold them
    — how they cry or let out tears, never shying from emotion
    —how they hold depths, struggles, fears, yet strengths, courage, devotion
  • your lips
    —that speak with eloquence and move mountains with mere words
    —that smile with benevolence and lift spirits like winds do birds
    —that kiss me and melt my heart like brick ovens would butter
    —that sing oh so beautifully and set my ears a-flutter
  • your hands
    —carrying both of ours with power and such care
    —holding onto moments and memories that we share
    —pointing not to blame but rather to motivate
    —wearing the rings to honor our love and celebrate
  • your feet
    —strong and planted firmly into solid ground
    —light and lifted relaxing when free time is found
    —dancing and tapping with the changing rhythms of life
    —warm and sandy (not cold) when you said you’d be my wife
  • your sense of humor
    and your passion
    your gams, how old-fashioned
  • your moxie
    and your mind
    how you’re giving and kind
  • your thirst to learn
    and willingness to share
    your focus on family life and care
  • your quick wit
    and countless aptitudes
    how you put yourself in other people’s shoes
  • your presence
    and your drive
    all you do and how you strive
  • your everything
    and every other
    how you are yourself not just “wife and mother”

However she turns out, whatever turns out to be true,
she has a great person to look out for her and for her to look up to.


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