Are You Making Things Too Hard?

In Defense of Easier Things

One of the ways I’ve failed as a writer is that I tried to overcomplicate my work. To try and do something grand from the start.

Instead of trying to write a novel, it had to be the most inventive and crazy one.

Instead of trying to finish, I get caught in experimental formats or new perspectives.

I make things too hard. It’s important to have big goals and to try big things.

But I haven’t even become accomplished at less arduous tasks.

I can’t celebrate small wins, because I haven’t given myself the chance for small wins.

The small wins are more motivating than the big goals. Often, they’re too nebulous to really feel like anything has been done. And the research backs it up.

All wins don’t have to be big. Everything I set out to do doesn’t have to be big either.

I want to give myself a chance to succeed, even with the small things. Because everything starts small. Books begin with a few words. Art begins with a doodle. And then go from there. It’s easier that way.

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