Friendship in Podcasting

The Family

Even though we were best friends before we started a podcast, creating Couple Things Podcast has brought us closer than ever. After watching a How I Met Your Mother episode where they lament the death of the “bar room debate”, we were inspired to start our own bar room debates —

In front of a microphone.

In an age where most people can’t make it through entire conversations without looking at their cell phones, we love the opportunity to get together and connect in a Google-free environment, learning about each other and debating current hot topics while also inspiring these conversations in our listeners’ lives.

Couple Things has taught us so much about each other’s quirks, childhood stories, dreams, and odd talents.

It’s amazing how much deeper our relationships are when we put the technology away and just talk to one another.

In the process, we’ve discovered an amazing podcast community, full of terrific, creative, and supportive individuals. They have encouraged us when we hit roadblocks, written us rave reviews, given us many podcasting tips, participated in our show and invited us to participate in theirs, contributed to our many topics on Twitter, and so much more.

We love that there are others out there also podcasting in their basements, creating this fabulous virtual network of diverse but like-minded people who just want to make their unique marks on the world. More than anything, we are inspired by their generosity and their desire to share ideas, build relationships, and celebrate other podcasts.

Listen to the Couple Things Podcast special edition:

Written by Ray and Von of Couple Things Podcast.

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