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The Coffeelicious

Image: Gabor Monori

I Quit Toilet Paper For A Month

Here’s what happened.

Some of my paint boxes
Advanced art tools: A ballpoint pen and watercolor set

Wipe that smile off your face

When in Rome

Flushed with anger

Wisdom from the Ty-D-Bol man

It took me a long time to accept the fact that just because something can be improved in my life, does not mean that it should be improved in my life.”

“The improvement is not the problem, it’s the WHY that’s motivating the improvement that matters. When one compulsively looks to improve oneself, without any greater cause or reason driving it other than self-aggrandizement, it leads to a life of immense self-preoccupation, a light and beneficent form of narcissism where one’s constant attention and focus is on oneself.

And ironically, this will probably make your life worse off.”

What dreams may come

Now what?



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John P. Weiss

I write stories and essay about life, often illustrated with my photography and artwork.