iChat with Grandma

Do you?

Grandparents have always held an esteemed position in the Indian society. As a kid, way back in the 90’s, I have fond memories of huddling around my grandmother demanding to hear a story. And she never disappointed. Children from the neighborhood, friends, relatives, all would come. It was story time. Sometimes even my parents would stop and listen.

I never got to meet my grandfather — he left this world before I joined it. The stories my parents and my grandmother tell me are the only link I have to him. I sometimes wonder how different my life would be had he been around. What stories would he have to tell? What lessons would he have to teach?

I’ll never know.

Recently, Medium reached out to me and asked me to write a piece for them promoting their new sponsored web series, Gchat with Grandma. I, of course, said yes.

I began reading Gchats with Grandma and I couldn’t help remember the days when I used to spend time with my own grandmother.

She played a significant role in making me the person I am. She was like my other mother (not the scary one from Coraline) who always had time for me and would not ask me to study as much as my real mother. And she always had a story to tell. At that age, you can’t help but reminisce.

Gchats with Grandma brought that back. And more. Comic, intellectually stimulating and entertaining, it portrays the gap between generations in a way few can. And it comes strewn with packets of what Chad Grills calls “Grandmother Wisdom

Simple conversations between Carly and her Grandma Mimi about their daily lives lead to such nuggets of insights. There are lessons to be learned for those who seek them out and entertainment for those who do not. Part 2 of the web series has just been published, and I urge you to go ahead and indulge yourself.

In our fast lives, we don’t spend time with our Grandmas as much as we used to as children. But Gchats with Grandma fills me with hope: All we need to do is find a way. Turning these conversations into a web series brings it closer to my childhood days when we would all sit huddled before my grandmother asking her for a story.

And you are all invited.

This piece has been sponsored by the good folk @Medium. Just saying!