Is Dussehra really significant in Today’s time!

A Little boy asked his father, “Hey Dad, what’s the significance of celebrating Dussehra in today’s time? Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to belittle a great festival as it is but am just curious to understand!”

He continued….

We don’t have wars anymore that one has to fight to maintain peace & decorum. Armies, police, and defence personnel are always there, guarding us, and fighting our wars on our behalf! So, why celebrate it!”

His father thought for a minute before responding, “Do you know how long the battle of Ramayana lasted?”

The boy scratched his head lightly, did a little math in his mind, and responded, “Maybe around 80 to 84 days!

Are you sure?” His father asked.

Yes, pretty much! Grandma told me the entire story of Ramayana the other day. You know how fond she is of fasting as well as of narrating great stories!”

His father nodded gently while smiling at the same time,

Yes..yes..I know! Don’t forget she is your grandmother now but has been my mother since I don’t even remember when! So, yes, in a way you are right about the duration of the Ramayana war! But you aren’t entirely correct!”

Well”, replied the boy with his eyebrows raised, “I am pretty much sure that’s what the books say! Now, we can’t really go into history and find out if it was otherwise! The only way we have of knowing is through Valimiki’s text, isn’t it?”

What if I told you I might know about Ramayana better than Valmiki ever did?” answered his father with a conspiratorial wink!

The boy guffawed! “You wait till grandma hears this!”

His remark made his father laugh out loud, “No, seriously,” he said, “I can tell you better than the books!”

Okay, I believe you” responded the boy, trying very hard to suppress his laughter, “So, for how long did the war last?”

For Rama, it lasted for a lifetime!

Huh?” Remarked the boy with a quizzical look on his face.

“Contrary to what most people believe Rama had an easier time fighting Ravana than he had fighting his own family & townspeople. His toughest battles were with himself, while he spent 14 years in exile, and also, with his wife & loved ones, post the Ramayana war!”

When you look at it this way, Dussehra gets a whole new meaning!”

His father continues…

“Because, even today, we eat, sleep, and live with this constant urge to fight ourselves! We are our own biggest critics! We are always telling ourselves how we aren’t good enough for a job, or a relationship, or a business.

We don’t know how to ..umm…how do you guys put it these days…we don’t know how to chill!

Yes! Dussehra is significant even today as it teaches us to acknowledge all those mental battles that we silently suffer on a daily basis, fight ‘em, and keep celebrating those little victories throughout life”

“Dad, does that mean I get to eat sweets every time I win a mental battle in life?”

“You smarty” replied the dad, “You can get as many as you want but for only as long as you secretly keep passing ‘em on to me”

The little boy walked up to him and gave him a high-five!




Ask me no questions and I tell you no lie!

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Ackansha Deoli

Ackansha Deoli

Ask me no questions and I tell you no lie!

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