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I started learning Spanish when I was in 7th grade.

At my middle school in South Carolina, students who scored well on the standardized reading test were allowed to take a foreign language in seventh and eighth grade instead of taking Reading.

I think I was able to choose between French and Spanish.

I decided to study Spanish because all of my friends were studying Spanish. Like most middle school kids, my decisions were based off of what my friends were doing.

Anyway, Spanish would be the first foreign language that I would attempt to learn. At the time, there were not many native Spanish speakers in South Carolina.

I think my teacher was even a second language learner herself.

Needless to say, outside of class time, there was rarely a chance to speak Spanish. But still, I loved the class and I loved my teacher. This is when I first realized how much fun it could be to play with a new language.

Little did I know that this introduction to Spanish would also the beginning of my love for languages. I never quite got the hang of Spanish. I mean, I can say a few things, and I can understand simple text, but I wouldn’t say that I was exactly comfortable with the language.

I did, however, end up studying Japanese for many years and am fairly comfortable communicating in and playing with that language. I still hope that one day I will try and pick up where I left off and be able to communicate in Spanish freely, but for now my eyes are on learning Mandarin.

I am preparing to relocate to Beijing, with the goal of learning Mandarin.

I am determined to stay there until I do. What do I want to say by mentioning all this?

Language is life, language is fun. I’m a language nerd and I am proud.

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