Image by John Bauer


I was lost in the world 
But then I woke up on the shire 
Crashing into her 
Not knowing what life had in store 
Not knowing here could be more 
To this story than just some summer fling 
Wondering if there was something 
Lurking beneath the depths 
That could mean something 
Something more than just a spark between her and I 
Something more than confusion in droplets 
Pouring out from my eye 
Something’s aren’t meant to be easy from the start 
As soon as I awoke in her Bosom 
We were ripped apart 
Ripped apart by the tides of time 
Marooning us on sands 
Of distance, distractions, what ifs, and midnight skies. 
But sometimes somethings are more than just somethings to help pass the time 
I feel that this is only the beginning of 
Travelled only by her and I

Listen to Episode 114 — Seasons, Chains, and Goals:

Written by Nayokenza Robyn Oliver of Comatose.

Comatose is a weekly series of amusing anecdotes, insightful commentary, and pithy stories. Every week three contributors are featured in short segments. The segments, though often unrelated, are tied together using music and narration to set the scene. Relax and enjoy the ride while listening to topics as varied as love, birthdays, and reciprocity.

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