Stories from the border

A group of migrants from Pakistani relax near the Serbian/Hungarian border. January 2018

“We had fallen asleep and it must have been about 3am. It was freezing that night so all of us (20+) were covered in blankets hiding from the cold. I woke up when I heard the shouting. I pulled the blankets off my face, saw everyone jumping up and two huge men shouting and shining a touch in people’s faces. Both men had touches and balaclavas on their faces and seemed very angry.

One of the guys had a pistol and he pointed it at us individually and told us to give him money or phone. This lasted about ten minutes and then they left to check the other building. We all just ran as soon as they left the room. No shoes. Just running.

In the morning we found out they took about €500 in total from everyone. The strange thing is we know they were not Serbian. Firstly because the Serbian people and police are friendly to us and just let us be. Secondly Hamza speaks Serbian very well, the accents of the people were completely different. We think they may have been Bulgarian gangsters but I guess we will never know for sure.”