The Ego’s Curriculum Vitae

Continuous Insanity Manager

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Date of Birth: 10.000 B.C.
Place of birth: Planet Earth

Educational Background

  • Shenanigan High School
  • University of Cravebridge: Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Physics of Thought Identification
  • University of Massivechewself: Master of Science (MSc) Degree in Structural Self-Magnifying Engineering.

Work experience

Indy Vidual Power Engineering

Role: Financial Analyst of Thought
Responsibilities: Perceive and interpret external market dynamics. Root-cause analysis of circumstances through bias, conditioning and unquestioned beliefs. Rationalize the company results post-mortem and report to management. Repeat the cycle.

Kingdom&Politics Studio

Role: specialist
Responsibilities: Lead the company subjugation programs. Provide top-down support to the functional leaders of the following departments: Brainwash Sourcing, Delusion Manufacturing, Marketing of Populism, Financial Deception.

Rally John & Faith Inc.

Role: Guilt Creation Leader
Responsibilities: Drive global accountability on Manipulation and Mass Control campaigns, through Guilt Leadership, Dogmas Supply Management and Fear Project Management. Disconnect customers from original teachings of love and inner peace leveraging on sense of separation and superiority via “Us vs. them” marketing campaigns.

Love Myths And Associates

Role: Romance Demand Manager
Responsibilities: Lead Relationship-False-Expectations Program. Coordinate Sales activities with the following channel partners: Love Songs Inc., Hollywood Corp., Commercials And Sons. 
Implement risk-mitigation measures to prevent customer self-actualization through the following campaigns: Love as-a-feeling, Never good enough, Can’t live without you, Jealousy-is-natural, Possession-desire.

Material World Corp.

Role: Sales executive Possession and Consumption
Responsibilities: Strategically steer Global Massification and Consumption upgrade program. Strengthen sense of self-worth as a function of possessions, titles and successes. Methodically study and anticipate competitors’ strategies (love, spirituality, inner-peace, acceptance), by continuously generating false needs, comparisons and expectations.

Soft skills

  • Outstanding communication skills: able to connect from inside the brain
  • Adaptable/Flexible: capability to find an acceptable justification to any negative feeling, agressive or defensive reaction
  • Committed/Accountable: always at work except bedtime

Computer Skills

Macrohard Officer: Fingerpoint, Excel@allcosts, NastyWord.
Programming: Visualbeast v6.66.

Interests and hobbies

  • Professional Judgment Player
  • Perception Writer
  • Time-travel (past, future)

Favorite quotes

“Winning isn’t everything. It’s the only thing” (Arro Ganthi)
“Be worried. Be unhappy” (Blooddy McFearing)
“Search and do not find” (Dr Mark Without, PhD)
“Who? Me? No no! It’s his fault” (Chai Din Mee)

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