The Write Stuff

Being a writer is hard.

I am still not very comfortable calling myself a writer. I prefer to just say that I am someone who writes. Writing for me was never a profession that I thought I would get into. I have always been a fan of writing, and composition classes were always some of my favorite classes in school, but being a writer never really seemed like a possible career choice.

If you write, are you a writer?

When I first started writing professionally it was as a Japanese to English translator. I understand that translating the written word is not the same as coming up with your own ideas but there are some similarities.

When you need to translate more creative texts, not technical documents, word choice becomes more up to the translator. I get to play with words, which for a linguist is never-ending loads of fun and excitement.

Poetry is writing. 
I am a not a poet.

I write poems, or rhymes, or thoughts, but I am not sure if that means I am a poet.

A few years ago, I just started writing down my thoughts and seeing where they would go, mostly as a way to de-stress, but also because Comatose Podcast needed it.

I guess it has sort of worked because I find myself with a lot less stress these days, but that has also turned into a lot less writing. My next challenge is to find the will to write more poetry, songs and thoughts and develop myself to the point where I won’t have to think about whether I am a writer or not.

You are what you do, right?

Written by Bashir of Comatose.

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