Today I quit my job.

quit” by Olli Henze on Flickr.

Technically speaking I turned in my “two month” resignation back in May, however today was my last day at a job that I allowed to drain and bleed an excessive amount of time out of my life.

I know work is work, and that there are certain things that come with adulthood, with a responsibility to be able to provide for one’s self and family being chief among them. However, you’ll forgive me if I confess that I couldn’t continue on undertaking a three-hour commute everyday.

I’m not completely funemployed.

Starting next Friday I’ll be spending the next two months in southern Japan working at a children’s camp, yet I have no concrete plans as to what will happen after that. I should probably be a bit concerned, but you know what?

I feel exuberant and free.

I’ve written before that time is a commodity that we often neglect as we grow and try to become the best adult versions of ourselves. However, sometimes it’s justly deserved and even good for us to just stomp our foot down, be stubborn and say

“NO! I’m not going to do that. I’m going to put me first and take sometime for me!”

Now of course one must work to afford to live, and I’m lucky to have saved up to afford myself a bit of a rest. However, that doesn’t take away from the fact that I definitely recommend that anyone who feels bogged down by their job, or feels that they are wasting their time, try being selfish and stubborn, if not just once.

Your life will thank you for it.

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