Click-clack click-clack

She’s walked in early today

in a flamboyant dress of black.

I can count them all, dearest and dismay.

Beguiling blue Mondays

Loony yellow T for Tuesdays

Vivid checked Wednesdays

Flowery purple Thursdays

Calming caramel Fridays

Deep blush of my cheek — that’s her Saturdays and Sundays.

Click-clack click-clack

She just walked by in a radiant hue.

I’m alright, just feigning to be laid back.

I can hear them all, false and true.

Guileless giggles, Glossy good morning,

Sugary vocabulary on a stranger’s meeting,

Feather tickled fit of sneezing.

A silent smile — the most pleasing.

Click-clack click-clack

Myriad colours I’ve seen.

I could paint my never ending canvas of a memory.

Amused by the cadence of her words,

I wrote a poem, how naive,

and called it a love story.

Click-clack click-clack

She’s dressed as Germany. Ahoy!

Red, black and yellow.

Ain’t I the most faithfully observant boy?

Maybe I’m a tad too shy,

a simple fellow.

All for what joy?

Not a single colour

to bless my cheek,

not a single word

from her

to me.