What Do Drug Names Really Mean?

Cialis®: ED therapy or Roman ruler?
Flovent®: Rescue inhaler or plumbing fixture?
Humalog®: Diabetes medicine or memorable morning movement?
Chantix® : Smoking cessation or Gregorian jam?
Aggrenox®: Stroke med or gang rumble?
Premarin®: Estrogen therapy or San Rafael native lands?
Requip®: Fix for restless legs fix or military budget item?
Dulera® : Asthma relief or Carter Administration?
Adderall®: ADHD scrip or spreadsheet function call?
Symbicort®: Where Lion King lawyers argue justice in the Pride Lands?
Otezla®: Psoriasis med or Irish electric car?
Lotemax®: Ocular steroid or Dr. Seuss tree champ?
Strattera®: Cognition enhancement or dreaded guitar?
Truvada®: HIV antiviral or hotel search site?
Tussionex®: Allergy help or ZZ Top theme park?

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