What Is It You Plan To Do With Your One Wild And Precious Life?

Devika Pathak
Sep 19 · 4 min read

Yesterday, someone asked me to explain the kind of writing I do and after thinking about it for a moment, I told them that I wrote about happiness, mindfulness and kindness. They asked me why and instantly I said, “at the end of the day, those are what are most important.” There really is nothing more to life than finding ways to be happy with yourself, bring happiness to those around you and trying to make a positive impact. The ways you bring happiness to yourself may begin with work or relationships but at the end, it really all comes down to you. It’s how you find happiness within yourself that will keep you going till those last few days.


I have quite a morbid view on life and when I share this with others, not many can fully grasp why I think the way I do. For me, life is very fleeting. I don’t attach much importance to my being alive and unless I’m able to make great change in the world then I don’t really see why living is all that great. I know it sounds insane but when you look at the world around us, I find very little to be grateful for. If someone said the world would end tomorrow, or I would disappear, I would actually welcome the fact.


Of course the things that I have been given are beyond comprehension; good health, incredible relationships, work that makes me happy, a roof that I like over my head, the freedom to travel, the ability to eat and drink what I want, a life without struggle and people that support me and want to see me do well. These are things I am genuinely grateful for and things that I know so many people in the world do not have, which is exactly where the problem arises.


I think a lot of us may wonder, “why me?” when we’re going through something difficult. For me, it’s often the other way around. When I think about all those in the world who are so much more unfortunate, I constantly question “why me?”. Why am I the one who is able to live this coveted, first-world existence when so many around me are barely managing to breathe. When there are children who are born into plastic tents on the road whose only playground will be the construction sites where their parents work. There is so much to be unhappy about, I find it difficult to find beauty in the world around me. When I point out what a terrible place the world is to live in, with no clean air, soon no clean water and ‘influencers’ as role models; everyone is quick to say that statistically this is the best time to be alive versus any other generation. Sure, we may be ahead technologically but I think culturally we lag far, far behind.


It is because of this that I think being kind and finding ways to help others is our only salvation. You can only live on your own high for so long before you actually open your eyes to what is going on around us. Yes, our lives may be blessed but that doesn’t mean that we simply say thanks and keep doing what we’re doing. By being given this position I think we need to make use of it. To help those who weren’t randomly born into a family like mine or yours, and to show some compassion.


I routinely see people speak down to others, to throw garbage onto the streets and assume superiority in almost every situation. This is not our right, it’s really our privilege. As great as it is to enjoy your life and feel happy about what you have, I think a little bit of sadness could help us. Help us find ways to give back, to make a difference and to make meaningful changes to those lives that need it most. This sounds super preachy but it’s exactly why I don’t enjoy living in the world today. There is so much that needs to be done with only a few crusaders clearing the path. We don’t live in communities where we each feel responsible enough to do something and that is something I don’t believe is worth living.

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Devika Pathak

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Freelance writer based in Bombay. Passions include, but are not limited to, beagles, chocolate chip cookies, vinyasa yoga, pandas & track pants.

The Coffeelicious

Home to some of the best stories on medium. Look around, relax and enjoy one with a sip of coffee.

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