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This interview came about as I was planning my trip west to attend Stanford Medicine X at Stanford University. I’ve never been to California and it’s quite literally the opposite end of the country, since I live in Maine. Before I got sick I was the kind of person who thrived on stress and chaos, and now it’s a different story entirely. I’m sure you can hear the stress in my voice, but I assure you chatting with Comatose was the highlight of my week.

Being a writer definitely requires a certain degree of plotting one’s days. I find that when I’m really in the throes of a piece I’m researching or writing, or working on my novel, everything else falls away. It doesn’t help that my illness makes me incredibly weak and fatigued, so I struggle with day-to-day household tasks and chores. I finally hired someone to help me. That’s helped me but emotionally it felt like I was a failure. Though, having more time and energy to write (which is my livelihood and passion) is worth a little shame, I suppose.

Listen to the final product Abby Norman’s interview:

Written by Abby Norman of The Coffeelicious.

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