10 Things I Noticed When I Started Using Medium Again

I Stopped Using Medium for 3 Months. What’s different, what’s still the same?

  1. There have been about 1,258,670 new ways to improve my productivity that have been discovered.
  2. Half of the articles are still about why one shade of red looks better on iOS than another shade of red.
  3. Apparently, everybody now has done some sort of crazy tech experiment that’s gone viral and they learned a lot about themselves from it.
  4. Every article with 500+ recommends with an inspiring title is still just an ad for a shitty startup.
  5. There are still plenty of good articles about race and diversity; the most popular are still just pats-on-the-backs from white CEOs.
  6. Learning to code will still solve every problem from world hunger to back itches to fire-juggling.
  7. Submitting to publications is still weird.
  8. Previously we got our meaningless advice from bloggers; now we get it from CEOs.
  9. Everybody except me has an ebook now. And they will let you know.
  10. It’s still fun to write about everything wrong with Medium. Especially when everything right is still so good.

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