An Open Letter to a Comically Small Cup I Saw Last Week

Dear Tiny Cup,

We met last Friday when you found your way to our table at a hip sausage joint downtown. My boyfriend ordered a small iced coffee and there you were, sitting like a tiny baby bird in his grown-man-hands. A tiny baby bird full of cold brew. I was intrigued. I couldn’t look away from you.

And, the longer I looked, the more questions I had. Tiny Cup, if it’s alright with you, I’d like to ask you some of those questions. I’m not judging your tininess, I’m just trying to better understand comically small beverages.

Are you a tiny cup by nature or are you a regular cup that someone picked from the Cup Tree too soon?

How many ounces are you, exactly?

(Is that rude to ask?)

Are you related to , or do you know, Tom Haverford’s tiny cup?

Are you more closely related to dixie cups or solo cups?

Are all the cups in your family so comically small?

What are your hopes and dreams?



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