2017 Charter Oak Award for Best Historical: Winners & Finalists

Alternating Current announces the winners and finalists of the 2017 Charter Oak Award for Best Historical.

We here at Alternating Current feel that it is highly important to reward our authors with every possible chance for recognition of their fine crafts. We are pleased to announce our winners and finalists for the 2017 Charter Oak Award for Best Historical, honoring the independent press’ best writing on historical topics. The pieces are judged blind by our History and Acquisitions Editors to determine the semifinalist longlist and then a finalist shortlist. The winning and finalist pieces will be published once per month throughout 2018 on The Coil. All winners, finalists, and semifinalists will appear in Footnote #3: A Literary Journal of History, due Winter/Spring 2018. We congratulate these authors on their fine crafts; stay tuned throughout the year to read their pieces.

First Place:

Stacey Balkun
“Baroness Elsa von Freytag Loringhoven & the Fountain”

Second Place:

Kierstin Bridger (Kierstin bridger)
“Red Cross”

Third Place:

Laura Potts


Cynthia Anderson

Stacey Balkun

Sue Blaustein
“Were You There?”

Toby Buckley
“radium girls”

Jon Chaiim McConnell
“Learned in the Old Ways”

Joyce Schmid

Chavonn Williams Shen
“The Ballad of Luella and the Tame Parrot”

Michelle Vider
“By you that made me”