Erasure, Violence, & Survival: On Chase Berggrun’s ‘R E D’

Dedicated to survivors of rape, sexual abuse, and domestic violence, Berggrun’s erasure poems of Stoker’s ‘Dracula’ is an unmasking.

Image: Birds, LLC.

“Ladies’ bodies are deemed unholy

by the very men who burn them”

(from “Chapter XIV”)

“My threatened body is more desperate
inside it I made a discovery
it was furnished with odd things but all of them were stained
Down I descended a tunnel-like passage
I made a discovery
hate awakened in me”

(from “Chapter IV”).

“Once he became furious and tried to kill me
He said there must be something wrong with me
getting worse every day
the fatal disease of the girl-mind”

(from “Chapter IX”).

“It was he who caused me to disappear
My husband my husband and other men
hunt me and command my flesh my blood my brain
This is my pollution story”

(from “Chapter XXI”).

“Forgive me if I seem remorseless
selfishness frees my soul somewhat
Not even God is with me now”

(from “Chapter XXV”).

MARGARYTA GOLOVCHENKO is an undergraduate at the University of Toronto, and an editor for The Spectatorial. She is the author of Miso Mermaid and Pastries and Other Things History Has Tried to Kill Us With, and is the recipient of the Vic One Chamberlin-Goodison Prize in Poetry and the Northrop Frye Undergraduate Research Award and Fellowship.

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