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The Coil

Hayden Carruth Suite

Poem by Glenn W. Cooper


Carruth is dead,
the old man’s long,
gray beard now
more than a
match for God’s.


Scrambled eggs &
whiskey in the
false dawn light,
the light inside
you now,
the whiskey &
the eggs scrambled
to pure infinity.


In the nut house
looking out
at the tumult
of the wind
in the poplars,
but always seeing
more than just
wind & trees.
Seeing instead
the way we all
bend to circumstance.


A lover of nature,
I imagine you a man
letting birds out
of cages,
rabbits from hutches.
Now, your turn.


You wave from across
the wide river, wade
into death’s pale nest,
something inside you
glad to be done with it
all, your hands small
and childlike again,
freed from their
mangled stroke-agony.

GLENN W. COOPER lives in Tamworth, Australia. He works in a bookstore and is also a visual artist. He has been publishing in the small press and beyond for nearly two decades. This piece is the fifth place winner of the 2009 Luminaire Award for Best Poetry.



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