Indie Lit Round-Up: What to Read This Weekend [Vol 14: Aug 3]

Leah Angstman
Aug 3, 2018 · 3 min read

The Coil editor rounds up the best literary pieces from the indie Internet for you to read this weekend.

There’s a lot of stuff on the Internet to read. Here, let me help you wade through the crap to get to the good stuff. This recurring column features stories, reviews, poems, interviews, essays, and literary whatnot that you might have missed, and you can come back every weekend for new great reads.

“At times my blood turns into bells — ” | TODD DILLARD has three poems in the print journal of Flapperhouse, but you can read a sample of “Things You Should Know before We Get Married” on Dillard’s Twitter.

“Rivka sees the girl before the girl sees anyone.” | CHLOE N. CLARK’s prize-winning story, “Where God Suddenly,” is up at Bird’s Thumb. [Audio available, read by the author]

The universe pulses, a giant heart. Edgar Allan Poe died on October 7, 1849.” | JACQUELINE DOYLE has a prose-poem-style flash, “Fyodor Translates Edgar Translates the Universe,” up at Threadcount.

“Bobby Chacon has not yet knocked down Rafael Limón.” | JOSHUA ISARD has a wonderful story of fatherhood, “Like Telling My Son a Story,” on Pithead Chapel.

“Cary was a small town Indian girl.” | ERIKA T. WURTH packs a punch in “Almost like Children” at Heavy Feather Review.

“She doesn’t remember what it’s like to swim, the mermaid tells you after she finishes the first bottle of wine by herself.” | J. BRADLEY has a his-and-hers flash piece, “First Date,” up at Lost Balloon.

“Wednesday morning, September 12th — yes, the September 12th, the day after we thought there might be no day after.” | KRISTINE LANGLEY MAHLER has a story-in-vignettes about the “New Dawn Coming” at Noble / Gas Qtrly.

“He was meticulously rude. Sometimes profoundly nice.” | MEG POKRASS tells us the secrets of a happy marriage in “The Big Sleep” at Electric Literature.

“Track practice. An hour and a half. A metal picnic table. Cold enough for hats and gloves, hot enough for shorts and flip-flops. | DAVE HOUSLEY gives us writerly advice in “Baby Steps All the Way: Making the Time to Write a Book” at The Millions.

“I believe in the relative / success of the synapse / & if Emily wants to be // part of that crackling, / she will pop to join / me past the dimensional // leanings of her present.” | DARREN C. DEMAREE celebrates his 11th anniversary with Emily by sharing 11 “Emily As” poems from various publications.

LEAH ANGSTMAN serves as Editor-in-Chief for Alternating Current Press and The Coil magazine, a reviewer for Publishers Weekly, and a proofreader for Pacific Standard. Her work has appeared in Los Angeles Review of Books, The Rumpus, Tupelo Quarterly, Electric Literature, Slice Magazine, Pacific Standard, and elsewhere. Find her at her website.

Did you love a literary piece on the Internet this week? Tweet it to me at @leahangstman, and my DMs are always open for new ideas.

The Coil

Literature to change your lightbulb.

Leah Angstman

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Transplanted Midwesterner; EIC of Alternating Current Press; reviewer at Publishers Wkly; CNF & fiction writer and poet. Find her at

The Coil

The Coil

Literature to change your lightbulb.

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