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Influences of Light

Poem by Charles P. Ries

It happens each early summer.
She backs off her anti-depressants,
thinking more UV rays can substitute
for her drugs. She comes out swinging,
determined to reclaim what is
rightfully hers.

For a day or a week, she’s a warrior
but quickly fades into a humble,
tumble, pile of bewilderment. (It’s
hard to sustain determination on
just sunlight. Warmth alone isn’t
enough to help you think straight.)

Following her short freedom flight,
she becomes earthbound, a cloud
that hovers low against a county trunk
road — a vaporous curtain that flattens
and abducts you.

But you drive on, and eventually pass
through it, through her. And bring her to
a small hill where you ask her to
look a great distance
and remember tomorrow
or yesterday
or her true nature
with the ease of her
winter-fresh mind.

CHARLES P. RIES lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His work has appeared in over 200 publications and is archived at Marquette University. He has received five Pushcart Prize nominations and is the author of The Fathers We Find, a memoir, and six books of poetry, including Girl Friend & Other Mysteries of Love.

Second Place Winner of the 2013 Luminaire Award for Best Poetry



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The Coil

The Coil

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