Land of Stinkin’ (New Salem, IL)

Poem by CEE

There used to be a tourist trade here
Happy people treated Abe like a ride
Until a lot got warned
And a few got fined
And one or two went to jail
But, back when Abe was Fun without Force,
There stood a motel in what we called “New Salem”
A motel long since burned to the ground
(probably by someone pissed at a docent,
but that’s just my two Abes)
The last time we went, crosslegged in our room
I messed with Crayolas
Badly drawing Abe and Men of The Past as
Stick figures with big, bare asses,
Visible farts (which, I admit, looked like turds)
Mom angrily taught me respect
By taking my crayons away,
That’s kind of what happened to tourism
In the United States of Amerika

CEE is the author of 27 chapbooks, holds a Pushcart nomination, saw publishing of over 1000 poems and a regular column, all in the past decade. He fails to see what else he’s expected to do. It’s not like he ever got that flying DeLorean. This piece was a finalist in the 2013 Luminaire Award for Best Poetry.