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LinkedIn Thought You Might Be Interested in This Post-Climate Impact Job: Environmental Migrant Management and Soil-Free Solutions

Fiction by Ashley Shelby

In June 2024, due to the nationalization of the Post-Climate Impact agriculture sector, LivingSystems, Inc., and Aeroponic Farm Cooperatives merged, creating a new company with a global presence. Hydroponic Nutrient Solutions (HNS) is now drawing a combined $2 billion in revenue and boasts more than 13,000 employees. Over the next year, we’ll be working to make HNS the industry leader in vertical farming and soil-free solutions. In addition to its commercial activities supplying vertically farmed produce to Non-Impacted American citizens, HNS deploys all over the world to assist in climate events and to ensure that environmental migrants receive necessary nutrition during migrations.

Sound exciting? HNS is currently able to offer job candidates a wide array of employment opportunities and benefits that are among the most competitive in the Post-Climate Impact Agriculture and Refugee Management industries. We are currently seeking to fill the following position:

Position: Director of Disaster Resilience and Refugee Feeding Programs

Reports to:
Vice President of Climate-Impact Strategics

FLSA Status
Salaried (Exempt)

Position Summary
Director of Disaster Resilience and Refugee Feeding Programs is responsible for managing the performance of all matters related to agronomic stockpiling and government-regulated refugee nutrition programs (per the Nutrition Standards for Environmental Migrants Act of 2023). Director will also serve as an agronomic project consultant on all implemented Disaster Resilience projects, as well as on an as-needed basis during Large-Scale Refugee Events (LSRE). Director will also be expected to deliver a TED Talk.

Minimum Requirements — Education and Experience
• 5+ years of Climate-Impact Agriculture industry experience
• Familiarity with pre-Impact agricultural and social conventions
• Master’s degree in related technical area (e.g., agronomy, crisis management, migrant services, etc.); PhD preferred
• Strong knowledge of:
• Implementation of risk solution strategies in high-pressure environments, often prior to or during Climate Events
• Financial Analysis related to operational support and government regulation, particularly in balancing compulsory international aid and commercial activities
• Management of Environmental Migrant Nutrition Disbursement during Climate Events
• Fluency with diverse modalities of emergency and development aid
• Firearms training

Key Accountabilities:
Regulatory Compliance
• Provide support and guidance on all assigned activities governed by the U.S. Agriculture Nationalization Act of 2019
• Ensure all stockpiling operations and storage procedures adhere to local and federal regulations

Environmental Migrant Program Design and Execution
• Ensure HNS’s Environmental Migrant Program (EMP) modality in all assigned regions is up-to-date and geared toward industry and government best practices
• Monitor Nutrient Disbursement during Climate Events and ensure execution is carried out at high level of quality and cost-effectiveness
• Work closely with the technical team and operational leadership to ensure complete compliance with federal Environmental Migrant Nutrition programs, while also boosting HNS’s commercial capacity to support company’s fiscal health
• Occasionally meet with leaders of hostile Impacted areas for coffee/tea/culturally appropriate libation

Disaster Resilience Planning
• Perform in the capacity of subject matter expert and authority on all agronomic and emergency management in assigned regions, including severely impacted areas, such as Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Los Angeles.
• Develop short- and long-term climate resiliency plans for HNS that take into account a rapidly changing environmental context and quickly evolving Client Needs
• Leverage existing plans for hydroponic and aeroponic inventories, including commercial stock and Refugee stock, to reach maximum output
• Work closely with horticulture and soil teams to analyze forecasts, anticipate industry shortages, and develop larger yields in order to keep pace with ballooning demand since the collapse of California’s agriculture industry
• Be adept at operating in a non-panicked mode

Desired Attributes
• Good at “real-time” problem solving
• A stable residence, survival retreat preferred, if access to satellite communication is reliable, and adequate personal emergency preparedness resources on hand
• No active or pending tax liens or penalties (e.g. Federal Obesity Tax, Conspicuous Consumption Fine, Obsolete or Inefficient Vehicle Penalty, etc.)
• Emotional intelligence in situations involving catastrophic human impacts
• Familiarity with the work of Norman Vincent Peale
• Willingness to travel to Florida

• Collaborate with all agencies operating within the U.S. Department of Displaced Citizens (DDC), as well as relevant federal emergency response teams, including Environmental Migrant Rapid Response (EMRR), California Wildfire Tactical Corps, and others
• Interface with heads of foreign governments, particularly in Impact areas, and work with global aid organizations to disburse Refugee Nutrition
• Commit to eliminating entrenched organizational and governmental barriers while maintaining necessary synergy and employee morale
• Be a “team player” and take part in office events, such as birthdays, retirement parties, and flu-shot clinics

Physical Demands and Work Environment
Due to the unprecedented nature of current and future Post-Climate Impact weather events, travel needs will be unpredictable but constant. Below is an incomplete aggregation of physical requirements:
• Work outside in variable weather conditions including heat (wildfire and drought), rain (typically torrential), and wind (up to hurricane-force)
• Travel throughout assigned regions (50–60%), often in areas where critical infrastructure has been heavily damaged or destroyed
• Travel for team meetings, trainings, etc. (2–3 times/year)
• Willingness to participate in mandatory therapy sessions once a week with your assigned psychologist

Hydroponic Nutrient Solutions offers a competitive benefits package that strives to meet the needs of its employees in a challenging post-currency economy. All HNS employees, exempt and non-exempt alike, receive a baseline salary of 25/lb of mixed HNS produce* a week, which can be consumed or bartered, depending on the employee’s needs. Salary bands 8A through 10C receive additional poundage, determined by job title, as well as seeds for use or bartering. Exempt employees receive an additional 30/lb of mixed produce a week, as well as biannual allotments of hard red wheat.

In addition to a competitive salary, HNS offers its employees an array of world-class benefits, including:
• State-of-the-Art Hygiene Facilities and Private Shower Pods with generous weekly water ration
• Individually assigned mental health therapist
• Share of HNS Carbon Credits awarded based on yearly performance
• Daily shuttle services
• Generous yearly cloth allotment
• Access to HNS’s large archive of Sheltering-in-Place supplies, and discounts on company-owned generators, quicklime, siphon pumps, and other emergency goods
• Tuition reimbursement for basic skills training, including welding, carpentry, applied foraging, and post-media technologies
• Pre-tax personal stockpiling program, with company match

Hydroponic Nutrient Solutions is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

*Excludes Tier 1 produce, such as apples, grapes, almonds, pistachios, all citrus excluding kumquats, and all berries

ASHLEY SHELBY’s writing has been published in The Seattle Review, Post Road, The Portland Review, J Journal: New Writings on Social Justice, Sonora Review, Carve, Third Coast, Southeast Review, and other literary outlets. She has a short story in the Los Angeles Review, which won the Red Hen Press Short Fiction Award. Her debut novel, South Pole Station, was published by Picador USA in 2017. She lives in Minneapolis with her family. Find her at

2016 Luminaire Best Prose Award Finalist
Originally published on The Spark on 4/22/16.



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