Most Anticipated April 2021 Books

Leah Angstman
Apr 6 · 12 min read

The Coil dishes the best new books to read this month, with something for everyone as we head into spring.

Image: Regal House Publishing. (Purchase)

Four Dead Horses

Image: She Writes Press. (Purchase)

Finding Napoleon

Image: Kernpunkt Press. (Purchase)

Thick Skin

Image: Tortoise Books. (Purchase)

Infinite Blues

Image: Pan Macmillan. (Purchase)


Image: Basic Books. (Purchase)

The Ledger and the Chain

Image: Shotgun Honey. (Purchase)

Sangre Road

Image: Split/Lip Press. (Purchase)


Image: Milk & Cake Press. (Purchase)

blue-bird (bloo•burd)

Image: Avid Reader Press. (Purchase)

Leonora in the Morning Light

Image: GenZ Publishing. (Purchase)


Image: Chronicle Books. (Purchase)

The Madman’s Library

Image: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (Purchase)

Girl, 11

Image: Ecco. (Purchase)

The Souvenir Museum

Image: Penguin Press. (Purchase)

Gold Diggers

Image: Berkley. (Purchase)

Heart on a Leash

Image: Doubleday. (Purchase)

Empire of Pain

Image: Ballantine Books. (Purchase)

The Dictionary of Lost Words

Image: She Writes Press. (Purchase)

The Sound Between the Notes

Image: Timber Press. (Purchase)

Bicycling with Butterflies

Image: Harvard University Press. (Purchase)

The Armenians of Aintab

Image: Levine Querido. (Purchase)

Everything You Wanted to Know about Indians but Were Afraid to Ask

Image: Entangled Amara. (Purchase)

Betting on a Duke’s Heart

Image: The University of Arizona Press. (Purchase)

The Diné Reader

Image: Workman Publishing Company. (Purchase)

Hear My Voice/Escucha mi voz

Image: Counterpoint Press. (Purchase)

Blow Your House Down

Image: Tule Publishing. (Purchase)

The Secret Life of Miss Mary Bennet

Image: Fiewel & Friends. (Purchase)

The Forest of Stolen Girls

Image: One World. (Purchase)

My Broken Language

Image: One World. (Purchase)

I Had a Brother Once

Image: Harper Paperbacks. (Purchase)

Promises to Keep

Image: Belknap Press. (Purchase)

The Horde

Image: Scribner. (Purchase)

The Hard Crowd

Image: Fitzroy Books. (Purchase)

Amy McDougall, Master Matchmaker

Image: Scribner. (Purchase)

How to Write a Mystery

Image: Scribner. (Purchase)

I Am a Girl from Africa

Image: WTAW Press. (Purchase)

The Groundhog Forever

Image: Scribner. (Purchase)

You Made Me Love You

Image: Harper Perennial. (Purchase)

Goodbye, Again

Image: Dutton. (Purchase)

The Music of Bees

Image: Harper. (Purchase)

The Night Always Comes

Image: Split/Lip Press. (Purchase)

An Inventory of Abandoned Things

Image: William Morrow. (Purchase)

The Light of Days

Image: Harper. (Purchase)

Caul Baby

Image: Vegetarian Alcoholic Press. (Purchase)


Image: Riverhead Books. (Purchase)


Image: Riverhead Books. (Purchase)

What Comes After

Image: Atlantic Monthly Press. (Purchase)

The Bookseller of Florence

Image: Tor Books. (Purchase)

The Last Watch

Image: Llewellyn. (Purchase)

New World Witchery

Image: Knopf. (Purchase)


Image: Vintage (Purchase)

Leaving Isn’t the Hardest Thing

Image: Thames & Hudson. (Purchase)

The Van Gogh Sisters

Image: G. P. Putnam’s Sons Books. (Purchase)

House of Hollow

Image: HarperVoyager. (Purchase)

The Galaxy, and the Ground Within

Image: She Writes Press. (Purchase)

After Happily Ever After

Image: Harvard University Press. (Purchase)

Lessons from Plants

Image: St. Martin’s Press. (Purchase)

Blood and Treasure

Image: St. Martin’s Press. (Purchase)


Image: Brazos Press. (Purchase)

The Making of Biblical Womanhood

Image: MCD x FSG Books. (Purchase)

Hummingbird Salamander

Image: The Metropolitan Museum of Art. (Purchase)

Alice Neel: People Come First

Image: Scribner. (Purchase)

The Hemingway Collection

Image: Tor/Forge. (Purchase)

First, Become Ashes

Image: Tor/Forge. (Purchase)

Fugitive Telemetry

Image: Random House. (Purchase)

You Are Your Best Thing

Image: Knopf. (Purchase)

First Person Singular

Image: Andrews McMeel Publishing. (Purchase)

Clarity & Connection

Image: Library of America. (Purchase)

The Man Who Lived Underground

Image: Sage’s Tower Publishing. (Purchase)

The Pilgrim’s Soul

LEAH ANGSTMAN is a historian, book nerd, transplanted Michigander in Boulder, and editor-in-chief for Alternating Current Press. Her writing has appeared in Publishers Weekly, L.A. Review of Books, Electric Literature, Nashville Review, Slice, and elsewhere. OUT FRONT THE FOLLOWING SEA (Regal House, January 2022) is her first novel, and it is currently shortlisted for the Chaucer Book Awards. Find her at her website.

Leah Angstman curates the Most Anticipated Books lists monthly based on The Coil staff recommendations and forthcoming booklists. To be considered for the May list, tweet your links to Leah on Twitter by the end of April.

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Leah Angstman

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Historian, The Coil & Alternating Current editor-in-chief, book nerd, author of OUT FRONT THE FOLLOWING SEA (Regal House, Jan 2022).

The Coil

Literature to change your lightbulb.