Review: How We Are Human

Anni Adalia
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2 min readJul 13, 2016


Luke Maguire Armstrong
114 pages
6” x 9” perfect-bound trade paperback
ISBN 978–1480055865
First Edition
Review copy: PDF version
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Review originally published on 1/12/15

Luke Armstrong is a very witty and candid author. His book of poetry, entitled How We Are Human, is poetry for those who don’t like poetry. One of the first things he talks about is his own dislike for a decent amount of poetry that is out there. Don’t worry; if you do like poetry already, you, too, will be enamored with Luke’s style and have renewed faith in poets. He goes outside the normal parameters of poetic subjects and schemes and connects to his readers on a very real level. He leaves you:

[…] willing to
ignite everything
if it means one more
soothing bath in
the delicious flames. (from “
Dregs,” p. 60).

In essence, he helps you see and explore how human we are in the way everyone can relate to and find meaning and insight from this work. Each of his six sections will give you something to laugh about, something to connect with, and some food for thought as you continue throughout your day. Luke has found a niche in his writing style, and I feel he will be bringing the beginning of the renaissance of poetry that he stated is overdue in his introduction. I would highly recommend that everyone take just five minutes out of your day to read a passage from How We Are Human. I promise you won’t be disappointed! … Unless you’re an unfeeling cyborg, that is. (If you still don’t want to read it by now, you MUST be an unfeeling cyborg.) And to understand that, I guess you’ll just HAVE to read it!



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