Review: Media Junky #12

Review zine
16 pages
4 ¼” x 5 ½” photocopied
Jason Rodgers
Lawrence, Massachusetts
$1 or trade or nice letter
Review originally published on 8/21/10

A zine! I never get to see these anymore! It almost makes me sad when I get one, thumbing through it, remembering the good old days of cut ’n’ paste and how innocent and creative (and sloppy!) all those zines were that I would get on a regular basis, fifteen years ago.

Well, here is one, old-school style, cut ’n’ paste text on collaged background, black and white photocopied, hand-cut and stapled, and with a mission of promoting “authentic DIY production and cultural engineering. Provid[ing] contacts to increase the nodal connection in the underground to the point of infinite reiteration.” Makes me feel good to see it. This one is a review zine of other zines, chapbooks, catalogs, and music, listed alphabetically. The reviews are shorter, but Jason still manages to give his opinions about the zines and not just a list of what’s in them or ‘you might like this if …’ Good, concise descriptions that really give you a good idea of what is being reviewed, and how could I not want to check out “a comic all about fighting Mormons and the epic search for coffee in a world of government-forced decaffeination”?

Jason is clever, lighthearted, and honest, all of which are a must for writing a zine that contains only reviews. He could benefit a little, however, from proofreading his work. Several typos.