Review: Must #5: Deviations

Leah Angstman
The Coil
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2 min readJun 27, 2016


Various Authors
Aleathia Drehmer, Lynn Alexander, Madrea Marie, Kristin Fouquet, eds.
Poetry, prose, and artwork
8 pages
4” x 2 3/4” chapbook
Painted Post, New York
Review originally published on 2/25/10

This is a quick little abstract ditty in the vein of editor Aleathia Drehmer’s current line, Durable Goods, only far more abstract and freeform, but folded entirely out of one sheet of paper with fairly high-quality photocopying. The mini-zine is comprised of random snippets — connected only in their usage of, or dealings with, the word ‘deviation’ — bits of stories and thoughts pulled from the air as if caught on a wire tap or sneaked from @handles on Twitter feeds looking for deviants or any deviation thereof.

On the negative side, the zine is pretty hard to read, with itty bitty text cast against dark gray backgrounds, blending the different fonts of gray tones into the different backgrounds of similar gray tones.

But on the positive side, there is this:

“the secret.”
by Jason Neese

Then we have What’s Her Name. I immediately know I will never commit her name to memory. This is because I see an open copy of The Secret lying on her cubicle desk like the decapitated head of Mr. Rogers. Beside it are three other books. Two on the Analysis of Dreams and one on white magic. What’s Her Name flashes me a smile that says:
I’m insane.
I know that I’m insane.
It’s ok to transcend reality through my insanity.
Feel free to find me at the PETCO loading up on kitty litter every Sunday evening.
This concerns me.

Yes. Enough said.



Leah Angstman
The Coil

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