A Conversation with Steph Post

Kevin Catalano
Dec 27, 2017 · 9 min read

Kevin Catalano interviews author Steph Post about tattoos, tacos, underdogs, & badass female characters.

“After high school, Rabbit had planned on being a Gator and playing for UF. He hadn’t won any football scholarships, but still thought he had a chance of making it in the big leagues some day. He drove over to Newberry on a Saturday and took the SAT, but did so poorly he had to rethink things. His guidance counselor at Crystal Springs High, knowing Rabbit’s true academic potential, hadn’t wanted to break his heart by telling him how getting into college really worked. The counselor had neglected to tell him that he had to be smart to get into college. A buddy from school was going to Alachua Community College, so Rabbit signed up, hoping to move on to University in the spring. After realizing, though, that he didn’t stand even a chance of passing Math for Morons or Literature for the Illiterate, Rabbit gave up on his football dreams. Fifteen years later, the bitterness, and vague sense of being cheated out of his future, still lingered, eating him up inside.”

(p. 25).

“James was slightly surprised by the ease with which she could switch from a pistol to a pillow. She was unlike any woman he had ever met. She drank the whiskey, carefully set her glass back down, and looked past James out the kitchen window.”

(p. 101).

The Coil

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