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Suggestion Box

Poem by Ray Larsen

Every day upon entering the coliseum,
I see it
Well-crafted from exotic hardwoods
Stolen, I’m sure, from some forest primeval
Hand-polished brass hardware makes certain
All submissions remain confidential
Goddamn thing probably cost more than
I make in a week

Passing by, I project poison through the dark slot
A gill of gall in your hogshead of cream
The unspoken knowledge that if I told you what
I really thought
The linoleum floor would rend beneath your feet
You would become helplessly entangled
In basement chain and sour mop heads — things
you know nothing about

My first suggestion would be to get rid of that box

RAY LARSEN is the author of the novel Inside a Broken Clock: A Modern Fable, under the nom de guerre, Román Leão. Sightings throughout Northern California have described him as a newspaperman, graphic designer, high school English teacher, punk rock bass player, poet, minister, and comic book nerd.
This piece is the second place winner of the 2012 Luminaire Award for Best Poetry.



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