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With Apologies to Rose Bonne (The Halls of Ives)

Poem by CEE

There were more damned beings at The Alamo, there
If you read works of fiction
Which, fiction should truly be said, “fictational”
Everyone with a story is a reporter, it seems
Every story about the battle
Until the battle
Is dictated, terbacky-chaw
Pull ye up a pickle barrel, pard, come learn about
The cat that was there
And the dog that was there
And the girl that was there
And the boy that was there
The 1836 populace of Poughkeepsie, it seems, all there
Wall to wall families with a mouse and a cat and a dog and a horse
The defenders died, of course

CEE is the author of 27 chapbooks, holds a Pushcart nomination, saw publishing of over 1000 poems and a regular column, all in the past decade. He fails to see what else he’s expected to do. It’s not like he ever got that flying DeLorean.

Fifth Place Winner of the 2014 Luminaire Award for Best Poetry



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The Coil

The Coil

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