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Poem by Gary Every

My longest account
has been with Mrs. Wigston.
When her yard is overrun
with grasses, weeds, and wildflowers,
she asks me to landscape
her parcel of earth.
Armed with only a hoe,
I wield the wrath of my blade
until the soil is barren.
Her payment is always prompt
but paperclipped with a note complaining
that I have left behind too many wildflowers.

“After the bloom has died,
a wildflower is just another ugly weed.”

GARY EVERY is the author of nine books, including Shadow of the Ohshad, a compilation of the best of his award-winning newspaper columns concerning Southwestern history, folklore, Native Americans, and the environment, and The Saint and the Robot, regarding a medieval legend the author uncovered about Thomas Aquinas.
Second place winner of the 2010 Luminaire Award for Best Poetry.



Literature to change your lightbulb.

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The Coil

The Coil

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