There was nothing left.

No animals, no people, no hope.

No more art, no further entertainment, nothing new around the corner, nothing left to live for.

Alone, the last person alive, as a last resort, plugged the cables into the body and turned the machine on.

The door slowly shut and the compartment got filled with a chilling liquid.

The last pair of human eyes waned and closed, perhaps forever, in a restless sleep.

The cables stretched inside the body and the machine found its way to the brain.

The first dream, the simulation, began soon after.

A new, fake life, filled with equally fake hope.

Birth, childhood, love, stress, family, disease, countless senseless things, and finally old age.

All with people that don’t exist anymore.

The machine’s door is transparent.

It serves the purpose of letting others look inside, reassuring them that, just as the machine states in its screens, there’s still someone alive inside.

Oddly, there’s no one left to look through that window.

There’s no one outside, and the one person inside keeps the last pair of living eyes shut.

And the dreams continue, one after the other, sometimes even mixing up together.

And that, my friend… Is how you got here.

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