First Pirates

It was only a matter of time until the ability and the will to hijack a space station were found in the same person.

There were no alarms on the station to warn about the incoming ship, and no one happened to be looking out the window when they came.

The ship docked, the doors opened, and the armed men came in.

None of the astronauts offered any resistance.

It wasn’t because of the lack of gravity, since gravity in space had been solved a few decades before.

No, it was just because it didn’t make any sense to resist guns, especially when a missing shot could imply everyone’s death.

Also, if these men were willing to use guns in space, they meant business.

The astronauts were locked away.

Thankfully, while this was the very first case of space piracy, the agency had been preparing for this possibility for quite some time.

The open communications allowed the base to realise what was happening almost immediately, and the procedure was started right away.

Soon after, before the pirates could take their plan into action, another ship docked.

Again, no alarms, but they did hear the noise.

The pirates rushed to the hatch, but by the time they got there they were already tired.

Oddly tired.

Every step seemed like a torture.

The guns started to feel heavy.

Everything was heavy.

The gravity drive!

The gravity drive had been hacked and gravity had increased.

The guns started to drop on the floor, and so did they.

The warning was heard all over the ship:

- You are under arrest. Please cooperate with our agents and no harm will come to you. Be advised that any attack on our agents will result in prosecution for assaulting a security officer in the line of duty.

The hatch started to open.

The leader of the pirates mustered his strength and managed to stand up.

He clenched his fists.

He had promised himself that if anything went wrong he wouldn’t go down without a fight.

And he kept that idea in mind until the very moment the hatch opened and he saw the 400-pound silverback gorillas.

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