Into the Void

- You have been sentenced.

- We refuse the sentence!

For them, it was just another trial. For us, it was the first one.

We had been tried for… “crimes” against other systems and our own. We didn’t even know these things were crimes. We didn’t even know someone else was checking in on us!

- It is not for you to accept or refuse the sentence.

- We still refuse the sentence!

We had been unable to leave the Solar system for some time, but the system itself had traveled a lot.

We now stood at the edge of a supervoid, shields surrounding the system so we wouldn’t escape.

- You have been sentenced to isolation.

- We’ll find a way to break these shields.

We had been working on the shields for a long time; no breakthroughs, just some progress here and there in understanding them.

Soon, however, they would come down, and they’d be the least of our concerns.

- We vow that you’ll be able to ponder on your ways and evolve into a higher state.

- We vow that we’ll break your shields and escape.

The system moved once more.

The shields came down.

We went in.

Into the void.

At speed.


We could leave our system again, but we’d never be able to reach the outer limits of the void until we reached the other side.

Thousands of years ahead.

Little did we know that that race would soon be cast into a larger void.

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