No one foresaw it.

As the spaceships approached, the whole population of the planet was rendered useless to defend itself.

The overwhelming technology and the exceedingly higher will to vanquish everything and everyone on the planet was a deadly combination that no nation or individual could stand up against.

Minutes after they arrived there were no defenses left. They had been preparing before the attack.

Hours after they landed there was no thinking of defense, only the running and hiding and the faint hope for survival. They were fierce, ruthless.

Days after the first visual contact the planet had been taken over.

They had been doing it for countless ages, crossing the galaxies, plundering planet after planet, making use of technology, strategy and careful preparation against each target.

Most of the best minds on the planet had long agreed that a superior race would be peaceful and not represent any peril.

Others, few, advocated that a defense against an unknown enemy should be a, no, the, priority of the whole globe.

Nonetheless, it was irrelevant.

They had arrived, and no defense that could be built or thought of by any individual on the planet was going to be a match for them, and even if it was, long had they been spying and plotting their actions.

Running for his life across the woods, more worried about his close ones than anything else, he couldn’t help but thinking where all the scientists, himself included, had gone wrong.

He couldn’t help but thinking that there had to be a different reason to why the aliens were attacking without even establishing contact.

And there was.

It was not the desire for bloodshed, the quest for honor or an unexplainable ire. It was the plain and simple lack of resources. And the lack was so strong that there was no room for sharing nor time for negotiation. There was only room for killing and time enough for vanquishing, taking over and plundering, and using whatever was left in the end.

Long ago had their planet ceased to provide for them. Long ago had their system become stale. Long ago had their galaxy been left behind.

And so they came.

They came with a purpose and a will, and they brought along the means.

They came and they conquered.

And they left.

And they had a name.


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