A ray of bright light crossed the skies in the distance, approaching a planet. Both could be seen with the naked eye, but the telescopes helped make sense of what it was.

The rocky planet was being bombarded with a liquid. Water.

Months passed.

Then, something else came. This time, it couldn’t be seen with the naked eye, but the telescopes had been pointed at the right spot for a while.

No one could make sense of what it was, but seeds and other elements to life were being dropped on that planet, and soon life would begin.

And then, something else…


No telescopes were needed because the asteroids weren’t following the water or the seeds. They were hitting every other planet and moon in the system.

They hit so hard that no life was spared.

Most of the atmosphere was swept off the planet.

Millennia later, the telescopes themselves would be nothing but sand.

Billions of years later, no signs that life had ever existed would be there.

It was the end of life on Mars, and the beginning of life on Earth.

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