Allan walked hastily down the street, looking in every direction.

He knew there was a bounty on his head, but he hoped that no one knew where he was.

When he turned the last corner before arriving at his destination he saw a hooded man at the door. He couldn’t see the man’s face, but he could see him turn his head towards him. He had seen him.

Allan most definitely wasn’t going to try to get to that door with someone in front of it; he walked back. He picked up the pace, but when he made another turn he saw a second hooded man facing him, as if waiting.

The man was standing and didn’t move.

Allan crossed the street and went a different way.

He saw a third hooded man turn the corner ahead of him and walk towards him. Allan turned left, headed into an alley. He started running and so did the third man.

He looked back and saw the third man entering the alley, running. Suddenly, everything went black.

A big pipe, bloody, fell to the ground.

The fourth hooded man, who had been hiding behind a garbage container, picked Allan up and slowly walked away with him on his back.

The third man, standing in the distance, marked the time on his clock. He picked up a notepad, wrote something, and walked away.

He walked to a nearby building, constantly checking his clock and his notes.

The building had two entrances. The third man entered through the south door and took the elevator. He noted down the time that he got to the apartment.

He walked in and put his clock on a table, next to several others, all synced, all marking 01:23.

He walked into a machine with the notepad on his hand.

When he walked out of the machine he picked up a big pipe and one of the clocks.

He double checked his notes and he double checked the clock before leaving: 00:44.

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