Puzzles, part 1

- And now, for 200 points: Find the difference!

The audience stared excitedly as the contestants probed into the two universes looking for anything that might be different, each of the contenders searching differently for the tiniest changes.

They both knew that, as time passed, whatever differences existed in each universe would only expand, making it easier for the other one to spot them.

They also knew that 200 points could turn the tables at this point.

The audience waited as the contenders scoured these vast universes.

They waited for centuries.

For millennia.


And then…

- Found it!

The being pinpointed the sub-sector that was clearly different: elements had been transferred between planets, orbits had been changed, comets had been explored, there was life, colonies, sentience!

- That is correct! 200 points and player A is now in the lead!

The other contestant was displeased.

As the game got ready for the next round, the two universes were disposed of.

Humans included.