The Library

The man was set free.

He moved his legs and walked out of the harnesses. He had never used his legs before, but they had been prepared for him to be able to move.

He looked around and for the first time in his life, he saw something other than shadows.

He saw his colleagues, even though he couldn’t understand that they were the people he had been talking to all along. As far as he knew, his friends were the shadows on the wall.

He walked around and saw the rest of the cave; everything just seemed so weird.

He followed the light out of the cave. It took him some time to grasp the things around him, and at times he hesitated and considered trying to go back and put the harnesses back on.

In a room, the creature remotely accessed the brain of the man. It felt what he felt. It knew what he knew. It followed his every move.

After a while, the creature disconnected, but its knowledge of the human race had grown.

But the creature wanted to learn more, and for that, it required another human.

Somewhere among the millions of hibernation chambers, another man was selected.

The creature put down Plato’s book and went through the other ones: Robison Crusoe, The Invisible Man, Twenty thousand leagues under the sea…

The selected man slowly awoke as the creature finally settled on a new book: Kafka, The Metamorphosis.