The Ship

Upon arrival, it could be seen with the naked eye from the planet’s surface. Everyone knew it was coming, but no one was prepared for a spaceship this huge.

Some even swore they could see reverse boosters that prevented it from entering the atmosphere. There were reverse boosters of course, but it wasn’t that they saw.

What they saw were hundreds of smaller ships leaving the vessel and establishing a flight pattern across the globe. Soon after, smaller modules were deployed from those ships to the planet. Wherever there was a settlement, a module landed nearby.

After a long journey, the remaining ship’s systems were restarted. Inside the mothership, portals and antennas turned on and communication with distant portals began.

When every module was deployed and linked to the fleet, phase one was complete and all systems entered the ready state, awaiting further commands.

The orders came soon enough, every single ship engaged open communications, every single module started its own mesh, and the mothership acted as a hub and mainframe.

Finally, after having been on the planet for two weeks, everyone at the colony had internet access.

About time.