At this point, HireVue had manager apps for iPad and Android. It was time that HireVue pro would grace the presence of those on iPhone. The iPhone experience would be handled similar to android mobile only with some updating to iOS patterns and optimized experiences derived from android mobile studies.



I was the lead designer working closely with our team of developers. We had a newly designed companion app for android and this followed the general architecture of that. I designed the interactions and visual styles, oversaw and did user testing, and prototyped certain micro interactions and transitions.





There are many different interview types. This lends to many different screen with different scenarios based on what features that company has turned on. Streamlining this and making all the different types available for evaluation was key.



During evaluation it is very important to be able to access the candidates information very easily. These interactions are vital to the evaluation process.



Such a slick and easy to use interface. I love watching job applicants on this way more than reading boring resumes and doing phone screens. I feel more productive and well informed with this app already! I can’t wait to evaluate more applicants. Thanks!

Finally the HV Pro app for iOS! Now I can access all of my interviews in the palm of my hand. The UI/UX is so clean, intuitive and super easy to use! What took you guys so long. :)

Makes my life so much easier — very slick!