Weekly Links: Tools from last week

Last week got crazy with track training and work. Back on the grind for indoor season as well as diving deep into the Robin Powered mobile app again to freshen up some views and build out new features.

The fastest (js) styles in the West

CXS has insane build speed and several different output modes. At first I was skeptical of using JS for styles but after working with React-Native Stylesheets I’m convinced it has so much to offer. Write styles for everything, and CXS will make a stylesheet and assign classes that finds the best overlap between elements leaving no cruft.

Gatsby ❤ Typescript

Gatsby now supports Typescript and YAML front matter (like Jekyll). GatsbyJS was my first introduction to the world of React and Kyle has kept Gatsby extensible and bleeding edge. https://github.com/gatsbyjs

Quicker github releases!

Cut releases from the command line with ZeitHQ’s Release. Really, just check out all of their open source work. https://github.com/zeit/release

Smaller React

Cut down reacts build size with this tooling. 30kb to be exact. https://github.com/rstacruz/webpack-tricks#smaller-react

Sites of the Week

Dennis Cortes has been killin it and I don’t know how he wasn’t on my radar before. Check out a couple of his sites: