Weekly Picks: JavaScript land and design systems

This week I spent a good amount of time reading up on design systems and patterns of React development. Key things I learned:

  • Read the docs
  • Do it first then read the docs while you do it
  • Separate your concerns — load up your data in a container component then pass it into your presentational component
  • React native for macOS is like electron without all the setup! No wild Webpack stuff, and free hot module reloading 😍

Zeit Next.js

Zeit’s Next.js a tiny framework for setting up blazing fast server-rendered ReactJS projects. It can be integrated with Create-React-App and Redux as well.

Custom Create-React-App Scripts

Create-React-App offers a complete setup for ReactJS development complete with Jest (testing) and Webpack (bundling, transformations, etc). The custom scripts let you integrate Sass, CSS Modules, and other niceties without deconstructing the nicely packaged Create React App.

Shyp’s Design System (Read)

A comprehensive read on how Shyp’s been building a design system.

Learn Redux from Wes Bos

Totally free and comprehensive course on Redux. Less than 3 hours long. It’ll be great.

Sites and Shots