Weekly Picks: React Animation and VR

This week for me didn’t involve too much javascript — mostly working on designing the next face of robinpowered.com! Takeaways:

  • Rapid iteration in many directions can helpbreak through lack of inspiration
  • Refactoring code can be really relaxing
  • Using BetterTouchTool to define Sketch shortcuts has been a lifesaver for me!

Find for Framer

The equivalent of the $ jQuery dom selector, but for FramerJS

Use React for VR (official release)

I previously starred a few unofficial releases on github but Facebook has officially (pre) released this tool.

React Three

Use threejs animation and 3d library with react

React Keyframes

Animate with react using keyframes. Each child element is a single frame.

Redux Pack

Cut down on Redux boilerplate code in a well thought out way.

Formatif Std

A sharp geometric font on Myfonts.com

Cool Sites and Visual Inspiration