Weekly Picks: UX design, tooling, and the best of JS

A short week for me — cross country club nationals is this weekend! Did some cool stuff this week with React Native Web to build out the Robin Mobile style guide after seeing a tweet from Jon Gold showing a peak of what he’s working.

  • React native web is a little slower than create React app default builds but it’s still nice to develop and the errors from the default boilerplate are good.
  • Maps and implicit returns are neat!
  • (Good) Product managers have a wealth of knowledge about users, the product, product history, and an idea of the product future. Ask them a lot of questions, both prompted and unprompted and you can learn a whole bunch!

State of UX 2017

Great resource for some opinionated UX thoughts and resources! I found a lot of this to be insightful — especially the argument“boring UI.” In short, it describes how familiar UI with intricate and well thought out details trumps unique UI.

Figma Components

Infinitely complex components in this design program. I’ve spent minimal time working on it but am excited to try these out as I struggle with Sketch symbols.

User Flows in Sketch

Wireframe then create flowcharts in Sketch!


Track Github issues from your desktop. Has drafts!!

Facebook’s Yoga

A C-based layout engine based on Flexbox. This should be super excited for designers and devs alike as it makes the popular flexbox syntax and

Changelog’s Fellowship

Go to South America and get paid (a stipend) to work on open source stuff!

How to make an iOS sticker app

My friend ethan macdonald wrote up an excellent walk through for making your own sticker app!